Post uit Japan !!

Gisteren ontvingen wij bericht van Riku Wakabayashi voormalig lid van onze vereniging, hieronder kunnen jullie het bericht (in het Engels) lezen.






My name is Riku Wakabayashi and I was one of the Kimbriaans from 2012 to 2015 as well as my younger brother, Itsuki. Now we are 16 and 12 and both Japanese.

We lived in Maastricht for 4 years. During our stay, we went to the international school nearby. Before we had come to Maastricht, we were already swimmers and were eager to continue swimming in Maastricht. That’s how we became members of ZV Kimbria.

At the beginning, we were very worried because we didn’t know how to speak Dutch but people in ZV Kimbria welcomed us. So even though having training every day was not easy, we could continue and keep trying to improve our times. The fact that we had a competition almost every week also kept us motivated. However, most importantly, I was very glad I had amazing coaches and other people at Kimbria that always supported me. Without them, I couldn’t be what I am today.

Now, I belong to my school’s swimming club. I have training every morning and is really tough, but I will do whatever I can do to be able to swim faster!

November 8th 2015
Riku Wakabayashi


2 Reacties op “Post uit Japan !!

  1. Miranda Wesche

    Hello Riku,
    Very nice to hear from you.
    And great that you've written a piece for the site.
    Great that you keep swimming in Japan, and that every morning.
    I hope you make a lot of progress. You swam always be the best and your brother too. We miss you and Itzuki, but maybe we'll see you someday.
    The greetings to Itzuki and your parents.

  2. Anja

    Nice to read that you are still swimming and Itsuki also.
    Enjoy your time back home and keep going!
    We missed you.
    Blessings and greetings for all of you!

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